Ela Apartments and Hostel

Email : office@apartmanizemun.com

Phone : +381 11 3449 476

Mobile : +381 69 113 1345

Address : Tošin bunar 13, Zemun


Ela apartmani / Hostel Ela

Comfort of an apartment, price of a hostel, Zemun, Belgrade

Where we are?

Our apartments are located on:

  • 10 min walk to center of Zemun, and to the Zemun Quay, with a diverse tourist offer.
  • 7,5 km from/to center of Belgrade.
  • 7,5 km from/to main bus/train station in Belgrade
  • 20 km from/to Belgrade airport

Possible rutes to our apartments:

  • From the main bus and train station: – If you would like to use public transport You can use bus number 78 going towards Zemun and exit at the last station in the street Tosin Bunar (This is not the busses final station).Once you have exited the bus, walk forward a couple of meters and you will reach Ela apartments on the RHS. – If you have opted for using a taxi : cost of transport is approximately 5 EUR. It is our recommendation that you do not catch a taxi located infront of bus/train station as they will charge you more, but rather stop one on the street (making sure that it has a sign stating "RADIO" on it) or phone it in.
  • From Belgrade Airport : – Transport can be arranged. For further details please contact us via our email.

If you have any questions, please be free to contact us.